Imagine a world where everyone pursued their potentials. Where people did not place limits on possibility and opened their minds to the boundless human potential that exists within us all. Where fear of failure and others opinions is overruled by the zeal to find ones true potential. Where people understood that their greatest contribution to humanity is to live their passions. Where they realised that limits are simply a construct of the mind designed to keep us in our comfort zones - safe, but far from ALIVE.


We believe that we are all CAPABLE OF MORE... way more than our minds lead us to believe. The vast majority of the world isn’t living their passions and pursuing their true potentials. Lacking the confidence or the know-how to do so. In a world full of comparison, many are brought down and suppressed by the negativity of underachievers.

We want to change this and it starts with our own actions.

Since 2021, we have impacted thousands of lives around the world by showing people they are capable of more through running. Most people could not comprehend that we would spend every weekend and hours during the week managing and growing a free run club that had no commercial upside. When you love what you do and it impacts the lives of others in a positive way, it doesn't need to make sense to anyone else, it just needs to make sense to you.

Fear is innate. It is the greatest limitation in the pursuit of ones passions. Yet on the other side of fear is the greatest life and one only finds new potential by going beyond fear into the unknown. It is only when we step into this unknown that we have the opportunity to grow. Humanity's greatest achievements and most impactful people all came from overcoming fear. From defying logic. From doing things that were once said can’t be done. It only takes one person to make something once thought impossible, possible.



In March 2023 we went ALL IN on our pursuit of M3GA. Meg stepped away from soon to be conflicting athlete contracts, Will stepped down from his companies, we sold all of our belongings, packed everything remaining into four suitcases and two surfboard bags and left Australia with one-way tickets to Portugal. We had one goal in mind - find the industry leaders that can help bring our ideas to life.

We had limited knowledge and no contacts in the apparel industry, but had a very strong understanding of what we wanted to run in, what was missing in the industry and the company we wanted to create. Over 10 months travelling between 14 countries - sourcing fabrics, meeting manufacturers, inspecting factories and most importantly, testing apparel, we set up a supply chain with the industry’s leaders. This is what it took;

18 Performance Fabric Suppliers
26 Manufacturers
20 Factory Inspections
over 200 Samples Produced

& thousands of km’s of testing later, we found 8 companies that shared similar values and believed in the vision of M3GA. Tapping into hundreds of years of research and development (R&D) combined with innovative technology - we created COLLECTION 1 (CLTN1).

CLTN1 is performance running apparel for men and women designed specifically for the Australian climate. Each product will be released once it has passed testing. There are no launch dates, just a few weeks notice before each piece of the collection becomes available. Serious quality for serious performance.

Who Are We?

Meg & Will Martin. Meg & Will Martin.

We definitely found who we were meant to be with in life. We met on a Sunday for a run in Feb 2021 which after a few consecutive weeks turned into what is now the running movement - M3GARUN. From competing on the pavement and HIIT sessions in the gym, to surfing waves and shredding the mountains of Japan, it took us less than a year to realise that this is how EPIC a relationship actually can be. We realised that together, we are capable of more. We married in March of 2022 and live on the Gold Coast Australia (MEG 26 & WILL 31).

Our passion to push our own limits and inspire others to do the same is what drove us to grow M3GARUN and to create M3GA. We are incredibly passionate human beings who believe whole-heartedly that our greatest contribution to humanity is to pursue our potentials through our passions. We left the comfort of our stable lives to do what we are doing now, driven by the constant reminder that tomorrow is guaranteed to no one.

You either lived life in a impactful and profound manner or you did not, there is no in between. We want to show the world that we are all capable of more and what it really means to be ALIVE.

What Is M3GA?

M3GA is a concept, a company and a lifestyle. It is the pursuit of our potentials. Making technical apparel, similar to starting a running movement is a way for us to bring our cause to life - to do things that seem impossible so people realise MORE IS POSSIBLE.

It gives us the opportunity to align our actions with our beliefs of how we believe a company should be created and operate. We believe that a fulfilling and successful life comes when the pursuit of your potential and passions directly and positively impacts the lives of others. In order to ‘win’ in the infinite game of life, someone else does not need to lose, in-fact it is the opposite. We hope that M3GA will inspire people to do more and to be more. To show people that being authentic, honest and truthful is the only way to be, no matter how tough the short-term pain may seem. To stay true to our core message, forgo short-term commercial outcomes in the pursuit of long-term impact and to be classic, rather than get lost in the masses chasing the trends. We believe that the key to sustainability is quality - to do more with less. To have less in your cupboard, but use it more - because it lasts. It is for this reason that you won’t see sales, discounts or trends, you will see insane physical feats, relentless testing and epic races and events. Our content will be life documentation - sharing the lives of authentic of individuals who want to go all in and get after it. Content that will inspire you to want to do more and be more.


Waking up, showing up and going for it. Continually pushing past your perceived limits and realising that is all they are - perceived. By digging deep, gritting your teeth, hitting that extra rep, smiling when it hurts, going the extra mile, seeing your failures as attempts and not giving up when your mind says to. Running is the tool that can open your mind to what you are truly capable of. M3GA has developed and will continue to develop the tools that will get you there, time and time and time again as you continually reset your limits during the infinite pursuit of your potential. It’s time to discover what it means to do more with less. This is M3GA.

Together, we are capable of more.

"It is through the feats of others that we realise more is possible. It is through the feats of our own that we realise we can achieve anything we put our minds to."