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Capable of More.

To be M3GA is to live the reality that you are capable of more. Waking up, showing up and going for it. Continually pushing past your perceived limits and realising that is all they are - perceived. By digging deep, gritting your teeth, smiling when it hurts, seeing your failures as attempts and not giving up when your mind says to. Running is the tool that can open your mind to what you are truly capable of.

M3GA has developed and will continually develop the apparel that will get you there, time and time and time again as you continually reset your limits. Technical apparel, tried, tested and proven to run longer, further and harder. It’s time to discover what it means to DO MORE with less. This is M3GA.


The most underrated piece of running apparel - your socks.

Designed in Australia, produced in Europe and tested all over the world. The ripper #28 is purpose built for running longer, further and harder.

The Ripper

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Anti Slip Band

A 10mm silicone band is blended into the yarn internally to hold your socks in position and keep them there

Double-layered Cuff

Combined with the strongest lycra available, the double-cuff lasts for 100’s of uses before losing any of its original form

Reflective Neon Branding

Custom neon green branding on the rear of the socks is reflective for night running

Breathable Mesh

After 9 variations and tests, the mesh panels optimise air flow across the toes and the ankle creases without allowing dirt and debris into the sock

Reinforced Toe & Heel

Typically the weakest point in any sock, the toe and heel are now the strongest and softest with a reinforced yarn construction

Anatomical Fit

Fitted toe boxes that match your left and right foot - adding material to where it is needed and taking it from where it’s not

Mid-foot Arch Support

70% of development was spent creating the mid-foot arch construction that will help you hold your arch form for longer without rubbing or excessive compression

Seamless Construction

No bulge, no rubbing, no excess yarn - seamless

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